Mountain resorts have tremendous acreage to cover with many moving parts. Rugged terrain, human-made features, lift operations, land development and maintenance, and guests all require time and attention. However, resort personnel cannot be everywhere at once.

Intellition's solution integrates hardware, software, and service that ensures an easy-to-use supplement that elevates mountain operations efforts.


Intellition partners with established industry-leaders in the UAV industry. We use the best-in-class drone platforms to ensure function meets safety as we provide the highest level of service for Vour clients.

Proprietary Software

Intellition's proprietary software enables our autonomous drones to provide high quality, live-time video, audio, and thermal imaging to aid in the varied and vast mountain operation needs.

Mobile Application

Intellition's mobile application integrates our best-in-class autonomous drones with our proprietary software to provide the highest ease of use for our clients. Mountain operations staff do not need to obtain certifications or additional UAV training while using our “out of the box” service.

Save Time.
Save Resources.