Mountain Operations

Intellition is leveraging the power of UAV technology to revolutionize mountain search and rescue, industrial inspections, and general aerial observation

Intellition is the future of mountain resort operations.

Current mountain operations rely solely on human capability and capacity. It is necessary but not always the most effective or efficient.

Intellition is the only DaaS technology company using UAV technology and proprietary software to enhance current protocols and elevate the future of mountain operations, safety protocols, and risk management.

Save Time.
Save Resources.

Areas of Focus

Search and Rescue

Locate mountain recreationists / customers faster and with more accuracy to provide optimal attention and care.

Industrial Inspections

Save time, save resources, and reduce safety constraints when executing lift line inspections, man-made resort features, route and trail clearance, and more.

General Aerial Observation

Enable the ability to monitor and track various mountain projects, upgrades, and expansions at your fingertips and from a single location.